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Italian Fiscal Code: What is it and how to get one

Maybe you want to buy a house in Italy (for example). Maybe somebody told you to get an Italian tax code (also called Fiscal code or tax identification number).

On the Italian Revenue Agency site, things are not so clear and it’s difficult to understand what to do in order to get your code. So, let’s clarify things up in this simple guide.

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What is Tax Code in Italy?

It’s a code composed of 16 alphanumeric characters, that identify an individual with public authorities and other administrations. For companies, this code is equal to the VAT Number.

Italian fiscal code

In order to buy a real estate property, you need to get one.

What is the fiscal code for?

The tax registry, dependent on the Ministry of Finance, has a database in which information relating to each code and therefore to each taxpayer is recorded.

You need a fiscal number to:

  • Open a bank account
  • Collect of a payment
  • Buy and sell a real estate property or a car
  • Deeds of assessment
  • Collection of taxes
  • Refund of taxes.

How to get a fiscal code in Italy

Italian bureaucracy could be overwhelming, but you can follow this step by step guide.

1. Get Ready with your documents

In terms to make the request, you need to bring a valid document chosen from this list:

  • Valid passport with visa (if required), or any other document accepted by the Italian authorities
  • Certificate of identity issued by the Italian diplomatic or consular authorities of the Country of nationality (with photo)
  • Valid residence permit (permesso di soggiorno)
  • ID card issued by the municipality of residence in Italy.

Italian tax code for tourists: even if you are in Italy just for holidays (so you have a touristic visa), you can ask for a tax identification number in Italy.

2. Find the nearest office of the Italian Revenue Agency

The fastest way is usually to apply to the Italian Revenue Agency in one of his offices.

Here is the national map with all the offices available.

If you are asking a fiscal code to apply for entry into the Country either for employment purposes or for reuniting with your family, you need to make your request at the Single desk for immigration issues.

Police headquarters (called Questura) assign the tax identification number to foreign nationals who require either the issuance or the renewal of a residence permit.

3. Take an appointment

In this period you need to make an appointment.

Book an appointment for the Italian Fiscal Code online. Click on this link and follow the steps (try to make it in Italian, selecting English will change the page and you’ll probably lose yourself on the website).

Ask for an appointment call: Call 800.90.96.96 from a landline phone or 06-96668907 from a mobile phone. You can even try to call the phone number of the specific office you choose, give it a try.

4. Go there and get your Italian tax code

At this point you just need to go at the office and take your fiscal code!


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