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Planimetria Catastale, Cadastral plan: everything you need to know

Don’t get fooled! Retrieving an Italian cadastral plan online costs € 0.90.

Just ask a technician and, if you really want, it has the cost of a coffee (indeed, even less with inflation in recent years!) on the official Sister portal of the Agenzia delle Entrate (Revenue Agency).

Or you can go personally to the office of the cadastre closest to you.

So why if you type “cadastral plan” online, on google, a myriad of services come out that charge you € 22.75 (as in the case of the photo below)?

plan online cadastral cost The web is full of “services” to request the cadastral plan.

Retrieving the cadastral map of a property is not a problem, we understand this.

But what is the meaning of the cadastral plan? What is it for?

What should we be careful of when buying or selling a property?

Let’s see it together.

What is the Cadastral Map?

The cadastral plan (also called a map, plant or floor plan) is the plan drawing of a property and is deposited at land registry held by the Revenue Agency.

This is the representation of the apartment for the state and is used by the Revenue Agency to calculate the taxes that the owner must pay (together with the data reported in the cadastral survey).

Rasterized cadastral plan

In the beginning, the land registry was kept by hand: floor plans, data, everything.

Now it has been digitized, there are no more thousands of sheets, but a huge virtual memory.

The term “rasterized” refers to floor plans that have been digitized and that also show “typed” data on the sides.

Rasterization is a graphic process, if you want to learn more this is the definition of Wikipedia :

“The & nbsp; rasterization & nbsp; is the work of converting a two-dimensional image described by & nbsp; vectors & nbsp; (in & nbsp; vector graphics), into a & nbsp; raster & nbsp; or & nbsp; bitmap, that is formed by & nbsp; pixels. This work is carried out both to obtain an image that can be projected on video devices, such as monitors, and for

the press. “

To date, most of the cadastral plans are rasterized, but it still happens to find plans that are not, or even motionless where the plan is absent.

If you need assistance in these situations, ask for your free consultation.

Example of a cadastral-plan

An example of the rasterized cadastral plan

In the image above you can see an example of a cadastral map, in this case, it is an already digitized (rasterized) document. You can see it from the blue “outlines” that indicate the scale, and from the typed letters.

Cadastral-map and house-purchase: what to check

When you are buying a property, you need to make sure that the property is compliant.

Cadastral compliance is the correspondence of the plan with what the property is, in reality.

The cadastral plan must be the same as the property, but who has to check it?

In the notarial deed, the seller must declare that the property is compliant, alternatively, you can request a certificate from a qualified technician.

If the seller’s declaration or the technician’s certificate is not mentioned in the final sales contract, the same contract could also be null and void.

So it seems like the buyer doesn’t have to worry about it, right?


The seller could declare in the deed that the property is land registry compliant, but in reality, it is not.

The seller does not necessarily want to cheat the buyer, but more simply they may not be aware of the discrepancy. Often people don’t even know what “cadastral compliance” means.

This is why it is important for buyers to check with one of their consultants on their behalf. Obviously, compliance will then be borne by the seller.

Non-compliant cadastral plan: What are the penalties?

If your property exhibits any discrepancies, following an inspection, penalties may be applied (they vary greatly depending on the case) of a few thousand euros.

In theory, you should do the cadastral update within 30 days of the change that determines the discrepancy.

Cadastral plan update: the cost

The cadastral update must be done by a qualified technician with a file called DOCFA, presented with the appropriate software of the revenue agency.

The cost is € 50 for each cadastral sheet, in addition to the fee for the technician (usually € 200-300).

Let’s take an example.

I have to do cadastral updating of the house and garage, how much does it cost?

  • € 50 for the house plus € 50 for the box, plus € 300 for the technician. In all 400 €

If the submission of the update takes place after 30 days, the related penalties should also be quantified.

If you need assistance in these situations, ask for your free consultation.

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