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Visura Catastale and Agenzia delle Entrate: what to know

The cadastral survey available in the Agenzia delle Entrate (Revenue Agency) is one of the essential documents during the real estate sale, but often we do not even know what it is and why it can be useful.

The cadastre is that slightly nebulous thing you know you have to check when you buy a home.

We have already talked, in a previous article, about what it is, how to use and read the cadastral plan.

In this article we will see, instead, everything you need to know about the cadastral survey of the Revenue Agency.

Visura Catastale: What is it?

The visura catastale (cadastral survey) is a document that is issued by the Agenzia delle Entrate and reports the cadastral data of a property.

Below is an example of a cadastral survey (some data are blocked for privacy reasons).


The cadastral data are for you to better understand the house you are going to buy and for the state to calculate the taxes you have to pay!

The historical-cadastral survey

When you hear about a historical cadastral survey you must know that it is a document to be found at the revenue agency and always shows the usual cadastral data (which we will discuss in detail later).

Unlike a “normal search”, the historical one shows the history of the property you are analyzing, usually from the last 20 years.

The historical cadastral survey, instead of being made up of a single table (like the classic one, is made up of several pages.

This is because every time something about the property happens, the data is updated (for example on the occasion of a deed or a building practice).

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Where-to-request-cadastral-survey (almost free)

The cadastral survey is available, for the modest sum of € 0.90, on the SISTER portal of the Revenue Agency.

SISTER revenue agency portal screenSISTER portal screen

Obviously if you are not a technician and have never used the portal you may have some difficulties (the portal is not that simple, if you don’t know where to look).

You also need to register on the platform and pay an annual subscription (equal to 15 euros).

For those who have to make a commercial cadastral survey (only once, in short) and do not need to do cadastral surveys continuously, it might be convenient to rely on one of the many services that you can find online, which provide this type of visure from 4-5 € to go up.

The cost of each survey will be a little bit higher, but if you have to do a survey once in a while it might be worthwhile.

How to do the cadastral-survey online

The cadastral survey can be done online with these two methods (also exposed in the paragraph above):

  • Portal SISTER Revenue Agency . It costs € 0.90 for each search and € 15 per year to take advantage of the platform. Registration may take some time and effort, it is not very easy to use if you are not in the industry.
  • Online search services . They have a higher cost than finding the document independently. On the other hand, the procedure is much simpler and you don’t have to worry about anything.

If you need help on this topic, ask a free consultation here.

The cadastral survey at the revenue agency

For those who are not very “technological”, there is always the possibility to go directly to the nearest Revenue Agency office and request the cadastral survey in paper format. < / p>

At this link, you can see the list of all the offices in Italy (with an interactive map!).

Just go to one of these offices and ask the office for help.

How to read the cadastral-survey

In the cadastral survey, you can find a lot of useful data, here they are all:

  • Owners of the property
  • Cadastral income . Useful for calculating cadastral value and taxes .
  • Cadastral data (Sheet, cadastral map and subordinate), see article on the cadastre .
  • Cadastral Category , i.e. that number and letter that identify the use of the property. The letter A, for example, indicates residential properties.
  • Cadastral Consistency ie how many rooms or square meters the property has.
  • Cadastral area . See article on how to calculate the square footage of a property.
  • Building practices, updates or deeds regarding the property.

and calculate the square footage of a property. Building practices, updates or deeds regarding the property.

Cadastral-survey and revenue agency: Conclusions

We understand how important it is to view and know how to read the cadastral survey during the sale of a property.

It is important to remember that the data reported in the cadastral survey are useful for tax purposes (for taxes), but have no probative value!

This means that according to Italian law, what is reported in the land registry is not valid in order to demonstrate how big a property is, or who the actual owner is (information that you can find in the land registry).

The cadastral survey remains in any case an element to be carefully evaluated to identify any necessary updates or other problems to be solved.

If you have any doubts you can request free assistance by clicking here.

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